The HomeBid Team offers a revolutionary & simple process for Sellers & Buyers

1. Valuing your property

HomeBid will assist the Sellers with an unbiased & independent property valuation by way of either:
Lightstone Online Valuation Property Report

Professional valuation performed by an Independent Registered Professional Valuer

Both reports include a current market value of your home enabling you to correctly list your property at the correct price upfront.

2. Photographing & listing your home on 12 major property portals

HomeBid arranges professional photographs of your property. Thereafter, your HomeBid Agent lists your home on as well as 11 other major property portals such as and where it can be viewed by up to 3 million home buyers a month.

3. Property Viewings: View by appointment only

This is how you save money on commission

Your dedicated HomeBid Agent will schedule viewings on a date and time that is convenient to you for potential buyers to view your property. The HomeBid process is designed for the Seller to meet directly with the Buyer. During the property viewing the Seller will show the Buyer around their property and answer questions about their home and neighbourhood. No one knows their property as well as the Seller does. Simply show the potential buyers around your home and leave the negotiations to your HomeBid Agent.

4. Negotiating all offers on your property

Your dedicated HomeBid Agent will contact each and every potential Buyer for feedback on how their viewing went. Your HomeBid Agent will negotiate with all potential Buyers and advise you on all offers received. HomeBid will finalise negotiations on your behalf, assist with signing of the Offer to Purchase, and assist the Buyer to obtain finance, if required. Thereafter HomeBid will instruct the appointed Attorneys who will keep you informed throughout the process until your property is successfully transferred.

5. The HomeBid panel of Conveyancing Attorneys

HomeBid will provide the Seller with an option of reputable,
professional and experienced Attorneys to assist the Seller and
Buyer throughout the conveyancing process until the property
is successfully transferred.

BIG SUPPORT is just an email or phone call away

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Assisting Buyers with Home Loan

Buyers Affordability & Costs Calculator
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Need a Mortgage Bond?

To facilitate the process HomeBid offers Buyers a FREE Mortgage Bond Origination service.

Our Free Service:

Experienced Mortgage Originators advising on and negotiating a Home Loan for you.

Integrity, transparency and confidentiality guaranteed with handling and processing of financial
information. Excellent relationships with Home Loan Providers will ensure the most favourable loans are made available to you.

Knowledge and experience to ensure you receive an approval in the quickest possible time.

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